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Transformational Chiropractic

Monday - Friday by appointment

To schedule an appointment, please call 984.244.7712

Dr Alexandrea Lyon

As a holistic healer, Dr. Lyon is particularly talented at reading the body on multiple levels and bringing various modalities to stimulate deep healing and rejuvenation. Dr. Lyon has four different types of appointments for you to choose from:  


-Chiropractic only treatment

-Chiropractic and massage treatment

-Nutritional evaluation

-Mind-body healing appointment


When she does chiropractic only treatments, she can feel if a spinal bone is in place or out of place. And then uses a handheld tool called an activator to gently and precisely put the bone back in place.  When the vertebral bones go back in place the nerves are put at ease and pain in one's back goes away as normal joint relationships are restored and the irritation to the nerves goes away. The integrity of the back is restored. She has extensive experience with helping people to recover from car accidents. 


Sometimes adjusting the back is not enough, by itself, to restore health and pain-free movement to the spine. If the muscles are injured along with the spine, massage therapy may be essential to get the patient out of pain. Muscles can be twisted or torn when injured. Dr. Lyon studied a special technique called origin and insertion massage which is very helpful for addressing the majority of injuries to muscles.


She uses muscle testing when doing nutritional appointments to determine the exact nutritional needs for each individual patient. Muscle testing is a way to get feedback from the patient's body to determine what is needed by the body to be stronger, healthier and more vibrant. Effective nutritional support may help to cleanse and strengthen your internal organs, improve overall vitality, and support your immune system.


Dr Lyon is certified in Wisdom Healing, a type of mind-body healing, which assists in uncovering and healing the lingering effects of difficult childhood events or of the traumatic events experienced later in life. This process helps to create a better energetic balance between the mind and body, and through the resolution of these traumas, Wisdom Healing helps you to become more of the person you were meant to be – more of your essential self. Dr. Lyon’s unique approach involves healing on many levels including structural alignments, massage, nutritional support and energetic healing.

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