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Tai Chi Program

Taiji (Tai Chi) is easy to practice, requires no special space or equipment, and fosters a joyful, reflective approach to daily life. These classes focus on the Wu/Hao style—a subtle, tranquil style, with high postures and small steps. It fosters the “mind method”: internal focus and awareness.

Contact Sabrina at 919.489.5355 for more information or register online.

Dr. Jay in Tai Chi pose

About our Instructor
Dr. Jay Dunbar, PhD, is the director of the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School. He has studied taijiquan and qigong since 1975 and has taught in the Triangle area since 1979. Visit for more information.

Tai Chi in the field- experienced class - New Day & New Time
12-class series, Tuesdays 6:30-7:45PM, begins 9/10

Our Tuesday class is for students who have either attended one or both of our introductory classes or have permission from the instructor. We will continue the journey of practicing and improving the "long form" of Tai Chi. Dr. Jay is one of the few instructors offering lessons in the Wu/Hao style. This form is more sedate than the bolder, classical styles (Chin or Yang) but perhaps even more contemplative and powerful in its subtle way.

Tai Chi/Qigong Fundamentals  – 1st beginner class
12-class series, Wednesdays 6-7:10PM, begins 9/11

The fundamentals of Tai Chi and Qigong are similar. This class will give you a great introduction to the basics of both these disciplines. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to begin or refresh your study of Tai Chi! We need a minimum of eight students to begin this class.

Focus on Wu/Hao Style in the field - 2nd beginner class

12-class series, Wednesdays 6-7:10PM, begins 1/15/25

In our Wednesday introductory class, “Focus on Wu/Hao Style,” you will learn essential principles from the ancient discipline of Tai Chi as well as many of the postures from the “long form.” Dr. Jay will also introduce the practice of Qigong as warm-up exercises. These are short and easy to learn and employ the same awareness of breath and deliberate, meditative movements found in Tai Chi.

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