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Benefits-Of-Beetroot-JuiceBeetroot Juice Can Benefit Your Muscles
by Dr. Mercola

Beetroots, also known simply as beets or table beets in the US, are a sweet surprisingly concentrated source of nutrition. The first clue they’re loaded with nutrition is their bright red color, which indicates the presence of powerful phytonutrients called betalains. Betalains include reddish-purple betacyanin pigments and yellish betaxanthin pigments. Many of the betalain pigments in beets have been shown to provide antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and detoxifying effects.

Newer research suggests that, in addition, compounds in beets may improve muscle performance, offering allure not only for athletes but also for maintaining muscle function as you age. Read more…

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Too Little Sleep May Quadruple Your Risk for ColdsResearch-Less-sleep-causes
By Alan Mozes – WebMD Health News

When you’re run down from lack of sleep, you really are more apt to catch a cold, a new study finds. Investigators exposed 164 adults to cold virus and found better-rested folks are more likely to resist infection. Those who slept fewer than six hours a night were more than four times as likely to catch a cold as those who got more than seven hours of shuteye.

“The role that sleep has on the immune system is well-established, though not completely understood,” said study lead author Aric Prather, an assistant professor of psychiatry at the University of California, San Francisco. Read more…

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foods_diabetesDo You Have Type 2 Diabetes?
by Howard Jacobson

If so, you’ve probably been told three “facts”:
1. You have an incurable disease.
2. You need to be treated with medications to keep your blood sugar under control.
3. You need to avoid sugar and starch and eat more protein and fat.

This medical approach to diabetes doesn’t seem to be working very well for our public health. Are we treating diabetics and improving health outcomes? Or is the progression of diabetes an all but inevitable decline into worse symptoms, more medication, and greater impairment?

Many well-designed and peer-reviewed research studies indicate:
-Most diabetics who are treated by Western Medicine get worse, not better, over time.
-Some of the treatments themselves may contribute as much to declining health as the disease itself.
-Reversal of this deadly condition is often possible.

Myth #1: Type 2 diabetes is an incurable disease
This myth is half true. If you live in the Western world and consume a high fat, high protein diet, you may view type 2 diabetes as a “disease.” Read more…

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