WHS Presents “Healing Qigong” Beginning Wednesday, September 4 at 6PM

Students are so engaged with our on-going Wu/Hao-style Tai Chi class that we’ve asked Dr. Jay Dunbar to teach another – Healing Qigong. Join us as we study:

The Eighteen Luohan Qigong: a 1,500 year-old dynamic yet calming and invigorating set attributed to Bodhidharma, a bodhisattva (luohan) of the 6th century, founder of the Chan (Zen) “meditative” school in China.

The famous Five Animals Qigong: an 1,800 year-old set with movements in the spirit of the crane, bear, monkey, deer, and tiger.

Rising Lotus Qigong: and other explorations.

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JAY DUNBAR, PhD, is director of the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School. Dr. Jay has studied qigong and taijiquan since 1975 and has taught in the Triangle area since 1979. Visit Dr. Dunbar’s website: www.magictortoise.com

Red Carpet Rolling Out For Fall

Two Free Classes

We hope all of you are enjoying this relatively cool and wet summer. It’s been most amazing; do any of you remember anything like this? Our garden could have been growing lettuce this whole time if we had known about this temperature change. Preparation has already begun for the fall garden.

Similarly, we are now working hard for our fall schedule of new classes and services. Our website is undergoing a major reorganization; poster cards and brochures are being upgraded and printed. I must give great credit to the WHS staff – Marion Bolz and Sabrina West – whose tireless efforts and endless patience make all of this production possible. Both have had to tread into new skill sets with computers, e-blasts, design software and web page programming revisions. All of this is designed to help you to become aware of our fine instructors and their upcoming fitness and wellness classes.

Wholistic Health Studio rolls out the red carpet with two free classes for many of our new class series to encourage you to participate. Please pass this great news along to friends who might be interested. See you in class soon! Stewart Walker