Going on to the solstice

I hope all of you have managed the spring monsoon!

Wow, did we ever pick the right year to grow some extra fancy, new kinds of lettuce in the WHS garden? And did I mention we are starting to harvest raspberries!

I wanted to give special thanks to all the fine folks who helped make our sacred music night so successful. Lots of chanting, clapping, and some fine dancing – not to mention a fine meditation – it couldn’t have been any better for our first evening music program. I am grateful for the efforts of our other musicians: Joey Howell, Lisa Neal, and Deborah Bird. We were especially pleased to see so many new friends enjoying themselves at Wholistic Health Studio; this is always good. I am hoping that folks will want to do this again, sometime this summer. We’ll keep you posted.

Work is beginning on our new classes for the fall. If you have any great suggestions or particular requests for a new class, now would be a good time to let us know.

Also, we have reached a new milestone…. 100 “LIKES” on Facebook, thanks in part to our newest team member, Cameo Edwards, social media gal extraordinaire. For the longest time we were stuck on 3 likes. Please feel free to recommend our Facebook page to some of your friends. I am offering a FREE massage to the person responsible for the most new “LIKES” in pursuit of the next 100 (you have to keep track of persons you recommend).

We hope you all enjoy the growth of the summer season. Just need a little sunshine… tomorrow it’s going to be 95, so stay cool!