Chinese New Year with Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School

Dr. Jay Dunbar at Chinese New Year Celebration

What an amazing evening I spent at this event. Although I practice Tai Chi with Dr. Jay Dunbar here at Wholistic Health Studio, I had never seen a Tai Chi demonstration until recently when the Magic Students perform at CelebrationStudents perform at CelebrationTortoise Taijiquan School held its annual Chinese New Year Celebration.








Lots of nice people, wonderful demonstrations by students who enjoy learning the practice, and astounding performances by the school’s students who have committed to long-term practice of this meditative art.

Visit in late 2013 for information on this fun and exciting event. This year the event was held at Extraordinary Ventures, 200 S. Elliott Road, Chapel Hill, NC.

Check out info about our Tai Chi class here at WHS

LaoMa at Chinese New Year Celebration2013 Invitation details
Demonstrations, door prizes, and other festive surprises. Fun for all ages! Bring friends, family, and a labeled potluck dish to share. $4 donation, children 12 & under free. Check it out in 2014!



Update on Personnel

Wholistic Health Studio's serene country settingWe’re happy to announce that Marion Bolz, formerly our Marketing Director, has now agreed to serve WHS as our Co-Director. While her ongoing efforts to support the variety of services offered here are far too many to enumerate, certainly her primary focus is on marketing and administration of Fitness and Wellness Services.

The most recent addition to our team is Sabrina Baker. As our Office Manager, she keeps our ship afloat. Thanks to her assistance, we are now able to have patrons of our fitness classes enjoy the privileges of our gym during supervised hours. Whether she is answering phone calls, keeping the place tidy, designing forms, or keeping our files and our computer on the same “page,” Sabrina helps it all to run smoothly.

We are also thrilled that our Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer, Melanie Dean, has agreed to become the WHS Fitness Director. With three classes and personal fitness sessions currently being offered as a starting point, we look forward to new opportunities to develop and expand this vital component of our program.

And if that was not enough…we have found a fantastic associate who promises to transform our online media efforts. (I have tried to warn her – she is trying to train a dinosaur, but that has not frightened her off yet.) Cameo Edwards, founder of Migrate Media, will join with WHS to develop these marketing tools. It is truly amazing what is required these days to simply “get the word out.” We hope to get our blog, Facebook and LinkedIn all working together to better connect to you, our community.


Try Out Valentines Yoga!

Sunday, February 10th
12:30-1:15 pm
Bring someone you love to a fun and relaxed couple’s yoga session. We will laugh, smile, and maybe even topple over into a pool of grace. No prior yoga experience needed. Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a yoga mat if you have one.
$20 per couple.

Call 919.489.5355 to sign up.