20% Off These Classes


New! Beginning / Intermediate Fitness  $140 for 10 sessions
Designed for persons just starting fitness training to those who want to move to the next level of intensity, this is a full body workout. The goals are to burn fat, create lean muscle tissue, continue improving cardio health, and to increase your balance and agility. Participants will complete each session with stretching and relaxation. Schedule your Beginning / Intermediate class now.

Senior Fitness is Back!  $140 for 10 sessions
At any age, keeping fit is an ongoing challenge. If you are over 60 and are relatively new to fitness workouts, this class is for you. It features aerobic exercise, balance training, working out in chairs, and weight bearing exercises to increase bone density. While the primary goal is to keep your physical structure healthy in a safe and enjoyable way, research indicates that exercise is also effective for maintenance of mental capacity and for mood elevation. Schedule your Senior Fitness class now.

Pilates Students Ask for More!  $140 for 10 sessions
Join our Pilates classes as we begin the new year. This form of exercise emphasizes the balanced development of the body through core strength, flexibility, and awareness in order to support efficient, graceful movement. It’s a fulfilling, fun way to streamline your figure, improve your posture, flexibility and balance. This class caters to beginners as well as those who may be familiar with this increasingly popular exercise method. We’ll progress through a series of exercises that you can practice at home using only your exercise mat. Schedule your Pilates class now.

Wednesday Afternoon Yoga  $80 for 10 sessions
We’re augmenting our Yoga program with a new 6pm Wednesday class for those of you who want to find your center during the week and prefer late afternoon classes. Open to everyone from beginners to intermediate students, we will assist you in modifying your in-class practice to ensure it is both safe and challenging. The goals of this class include feeling stronger, more relaxed and spiritually uplifted. Schedule your Wednesday Yoga class now.

Changes at WHS

We dedicate our first blog to our associate Melissa Erwin. She has served in so many roles here at Wholistic Health Studio; office manager, massage therapist, individual fitness trainer, fitness class instructor and most trusted ally during our formative years. Melissa moves on to new opportunities in Raleigh and we wish for her the very best in these endeavors.


Wholistic Health Studio continues to develop new programs in fitness and wellness. We are expanding our fitness program to include three classes beginning in early 2013 with our trainer Melanie Dean. She will now be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays for individual sessions as well. Starting in 2013 we will offer use of our exercise studio once a week to participants of our fitness classes.

We also want to make sure you know that we have one of the finest Physical Therapists now practicing here at WHS each Wednesday. Aimee Ahrons does more hands on work than most any PT I’ve ever met; this is of course why we have her working here. For more information see Physical Therapy elsewhere on this website.

Future blogs will have regular features such as “Health Tip Of The Week,” short videos of wellness class instruction, and lots of updates and discounts for upcoming programs. Please check out our blog from time to time to keep up with the news.

Best Regards,
Stewart Walker