WHS Spring Classes and Events

New Classes
Cardio Circuit Class with Melanie Dean
This intimate class, limited to seven students, could be your beginning to a healthier heart. Learn more…

Gentle Yoga with Betsy Templeton
If you need a slow, gentle way to practice yoga, this class is for you. Learn more…

MELT Intro Workshop with Leigh Johnson
Simple self-treatments you can do at home to reduce pain and remain active and healthy. Learn more…

MELT by the Book with Leigh Johnson
Learn all the moves in The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann. Learn more…

Upcoming Events
Earth Day Plant Sale & Free Gardening Seminars
Heirloom plants, seminars on caring for gardens and houseplants, and beautiful garden art by Kathy Hopwood. Learn more…

New Trainer
WHS is happy to announce, Kathy Lawrence, our newest addition to the WHS Family. Learn more…

WHS is having a Plant Sale!!

Plant Sale and Free Gardening Seminars
April 18th, starting at 10:00 AM

WHS has some truly special plants that will be welcome additions to your home, including: Night-blooming Cereus, Einsteinian Begonia (direct lineage with Einstein’s favorite plant), Wandering Iris (Prophet Plant), Bromeliad (secretly pirated from Hawaii by SW), unusual varieties of garden plants,
and Aloe.

Kathy Hopwood’s beautiful garden art will be available. While you’re here, find out about caring for gardens and houseplants in our short Free Gardening Seminars.

Our True Leaves are Showing!

Delicate strawberry flowers

Strawberries in bloom


So since my last gardening post we’ve put in lots of new seed and plants – kale (several varieties), strawberries, carrots, turnips, onions, three types of carrots, radish, beets, more and more varieties of lettuce, and jerusalem artichoke.


And many of their true leaves are beginning to develop! Did you know that the first leaves that show themselves from seed are called cotyledons, or “seed leaves?” They contain a significant part of the embryo within the seed of the plant. Here’s what a cotyledon looks like for a carrot plant.

Carrot cotyledons

Speaking of carrots. Two avid gardeners – and Tai Chi classmates – gave me some Ya Ya carrot seed. Reason is, a month or so ago they shared some Ya Ya carrots right out of their garden. I didn’t know carrots could taste like that. The most yummy, sweet carrots ever. I mean ever. Order some seed if you plant carrots. Or I can give you some seed next season – would be happy to share if we’re lucky enough to have a good crop!


The stunning dinosaur kale, Lacinato

The stunning dinosaur kale, Lacinato

Stewart is totally enamored with Dinosaur kale. It has decidedly bumpy leaves, hence the name. He just told me that it has historically been a favorite ingredient in Italian cooking. Check out the Italian name – Lacinato.

Each morning I get my coffee or tea and saunter out to the garden gate, open gently, walk the lovely path and see how much everything has grown in one day. It’s quite amazing.¬†We still have more weeding and planting to do. How great the garden is looking though. I love springtime!

Gotta trade typing for mulching now,