Wholistic Health Studio

10-class series, Thursdays 6:00-7:10 PM
Class suspended until further notice.

All new participants in our Tai Chi 10-class series must be a graduates of our Focus on Wu/Hao Style class or have permission of the instructor.

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Taijiquan (also spelled Tai-chi Chüan or simply Tai Chi) is a Chinese internal style martial art and system of meditative movement used worldwide for fitness, stress reduction, energy, well-being, as well as mental, emotional and physical balance.

Scientific studies have verified many of its benefits, and medical professionals now endorse it for arthritis, recuperation from surgery, heart disease, balance difficulties and a wide variety of other conditions.

It is easy to practice, requires no special space or equipment and fosters a joyful, reflective approach to daily life. This class focuses on the Wu/Hao style—a subtle, tranquil style, with high postures and small steps. It fosters “mind method”: internal focus and awareness through concentration on opening and closing (kai-he).

Each class begins with quiet sitting, warm-ups, and various forms of qigong (energy enhancement).

JAY DUNBAR, PhD, is director of the Magic Tortoise Taijiquan School. Dr. Jay has studied taijiquan and qigong since 1975 and has taught in the Triangle area since 1979.

Visit Dr. Dunbar’s website: www.magictortoise.com