Wholistic Health Studio

Saturday 4:00-6:30 PM, 11/18

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Jon will present a meditation workshop for healing (improving quality of life and physical functioning) and resiliency (the ability to bounce back from stress, illness and life changes). He brings a unique perspective to his teaching. For more than 25 years, Jon has taught hospitalized patients relaxation and meditation techniques.

Simple techniques will be provided based on Ram Dass’ inspiration, “to quiet the mind and open the heart.” The traditional concepts of awareness in mind/body techniques will be expanded to “loving awareness,” and sitting and walking meditation approaches will be discussed and practiced.

Ways of using these meditation practices to help with health issues and sleeping issues will be discussed. These will be relevant if you are interested in prevention or you or family members have health problems, or you work with people with health issues.

Other creative mind/body/spirit practices will be identified. There will be ample time for questions and answers, tips on building a regular practice, and other uniquely practical information. Open to all, from the curious or skeptical to seasoned students and teachers.

JON SESKEVICH, RN, BSN, BA, CHTP, is a nurse clinician in one of the country’s foremost medical centers. A pioneer in the field of Integrative Medicine, since 1990 he has provided stress and pain management education and consultation service for patients in the hospital. He works throughout the medical center with patients who have complex and challenging health conditions.

Ram Dass, who has known Jon since he was 22, wrote: “His recognition of the need for both a spiritual dimension in healing work and grounded, responsible social action in spiritual work have defined his career in nursing. To that career he has brought a creative energy for integrating, in mind-body healing, meditative practices, and a spiritual perspective for patients facing traumatic illness.

“The integration of spiritual dimensions in his work is very personal for Jon. His own inner work takes the form of being fully present for both patient and fellow staff members, and he offers a very warm, heart-full human dimension to what are too often impersonal medical procedures.

Visit Jon Seskevich’s websites: www.ManageStressNow.com