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2023 CE Workshops

Contact Sabrina at 919.489.5355 for more information.

Stewart Walker teaching techniques

Anatomy of Assessment
Saturday, September 30, 8:30AM-5:45PM 
Durham, NC, 8 CE hrs. Cost $180

"If you are smart enough to figure out exactly what the problem is, the chances of fixing it goes way up." (SW's motto) Taut Band Therapy offers a systematic way of using anatomy that greatly facilitates the process of identifying problematic muscles. Students will explore a variety of specific tests and procedures to enhance their skills of assessment.


Joints: Pain Reduction for Osteoarthritis

Sunday, October 1, 8:30AM-5:45PM 

Durham, NC, 8 CE hrs. Cost $180

Taut Band Therapy can help you to provide greater reduction of pain, increases in range of motion, and improved functional abilities for your patients with osteoarthritis. Injury, inflammation, and pain within the joint capsule often provoke hypertonic conditions in the muscles that provide stability and movement for that joint. Although secondary in cause, these muscular problems often become “primary” in the generation of pain and associated disability. Studies of joints and strategies for pain reduction will include shoulder, hip and knee; treatment and hands-on sessions will focus on hip joints.

Taut Band Therapy: Upper Back, Neck & Shoulders

2day workshop, Sat, Oct 21 - Sunday, Oct 22, 8:30AM-5:45PM 

Durham, NC, 16 CE hrs. Cost $355

This workshop offers active demonstrations and lots of hands-on experience in assessing and treating painful muscular-skeletal problems. Students will learn to identify the taut bands that perpetuate trigger point and attachment site pain. Tools include functional analysis, palpation, range of motion, and strength resistance testing. Lengthening the tight muscle fibers within taut bands is the key to effective pain reduction. Techniques learned in this workshop will emphasize this strategic approach.

NOTE: 10% OFF each workshop if you register 6 weeks prior to September 30th. Promo code: CE2023

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