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Ari Berenbaum

About the Instructor

ARI BERENBAUM is both a baker, the owner of Ninth Street Bakery, and a breathwork coach. He began learning breathwork from holistic health practitioner Dr. Julianne Trell of Raleigh in 2022. In 2023, he completed training with a Wim Hof Method-certified instructor, learning a specialized method of breathing as well as a cold-plunging technique to improve immune system resilience. 

Ari has trained numerous clients and has helped them to both “get out of their head” and to tune into

their own body's natural form of energy - breath!

Contact Sabrina at 919.489.5355 for more information or register online.

Breath Energy Healing 
7-class series, Tuesdays 6:30-7:30PM, begins 3/19/24

In this 7-class series, Ari will train you in the practice of Energy Self-Healing. This is an entirely self-directed process whereby breath and body techniques allow you to experience calm and clarity. Ari will teach and train techniques for you to take home and practice on your own, or to share with friends and family. Ari’s clients attest to greater focus, clarity,
and calm.

In these classes, we will begin from the assumption that you probably have not encountered breathwork (save for possibly a yoga class or Wim Hof), so we’ll start with the basics. Our goal is to assist you in finding additional sources of energy and to help you strengthen your constitution.

Please contact Sabrina at if you would like more information or want to register for this class.

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