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Native Americans Legends
Turkey, The Peace Eagle
An American Indian Legend – Nation Unknown

Our “Elders” tell us the Legend of the Turkey is not one we need to explain the Great Mystery and how it functions. So came the story of the Peace Eagle (Turkey) to the Eastern People….

In these days, the “Chief” was leader of the People because they trusted him and knew he protected his people. He was the “Father” of the “Nation” or “Tribe of People.” He ate only after his People were all fed. He slept under warm blankets only if everyone was covered and warm. The People called upon him for a great council. They turned to the “Chief” and asked, “When will the animals come back? When will you hunt again? We are starving and growing weaker. Many are dying and are no more. We must have food soon or we shall all perish.”…

So the “Chief” prepared himself to hunt. He prayed and did the Ceremonies of the Ancient ways to honor all life. He remembered the wisdom of his Grandfathers and Elders. He walked through the forest for 28 days, fasting, to find a solution to feed his people….

“Creator” looked upon this and saw this “Chief.” Love was again being shown for the gift of life and Good Earth. He lifted the Chef into the “Dream Time Lodge,” so he could be with the “Chieftains” of “The Elder Fires.” The “Chief” was given a vision of a “Turkey.” (source)