New Instructors, New Classes

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The new year here at Wholistic Health Studio kicks off with an amazing lineup of new classes and special events. We’re also very pleased to have added several new instructors to our team – Anna Barker, Leigh Johnson and Sabine Mead.

Abs Plus with Melanie Dean
Flexibility/Balance with Melanie Dean
Melanie, our fitness instructor and exercise physiologist, will be teaching these two new ongoing classes. Both are a great addition to our already popular lineup of Senior Fitness and Pilates classes.

She will also conduct two workshops: one for cyclists and the other for runners. These two-day instructional sessions are designed to optimize performance and give you the knowledge to engage in your sport safely as you achieve your goals.

Leigh Johnson, Sabine Mead and Anna Barker

Leigh Johnson, Sabine Mead and Anna Barker






Pilates/Ballet Barre Fusion with Anna Barker
Using a synthesis of Pilates-based core work and ballet barre exercises, this class helps you develop strength and balance while encouraging uniform development of muscles.

MELT Method with Leigh Johnson
This class may transform the way you care for your body. Myofascial Energetic Length Technique is a simple, proactive, self-treatment method for the resolution of muscular and fascial tensions.

Continuum Movement with Sabine Mead
Continuum Movement uses breath, sound and movement sequences to awaken perception of fluid circulation throughout one’s body.