Meditation and Bhajans

You are cordially invited…

To our program of Meditation and Bhajans (chanting)
Prashad (food or snacks) will be served
Friday, May 31st at 7pm

Featuring Joey Howell on the tabla, Lisa Neal on the harmonium, Deborah Bird on the cymbals, and, perhaps, far in the background, yours truly, banging on the mridangam.

More than a decade ago, for meditation programs established in the tradition of Shivabalayogi, some really fine bhajans were performed. As always, the rest of us have to give credit to Joey and Lisa, but many others were included as well. Some of my most powerful moments in meditation EVER, were during and after these musical events. With this special reunion event, we are back at it again, coming together to play and sing for the first time in 14 years.

This event is open to all, regardless of your spiritual background or particular path in meditation. You are free to use whatever meditation technique you prefer. Meditation instructions for dyana meditation will be available to you if you want them.

Donations are optional. Space is limited to 25 persons. Please let us know if you plan to attend. RSVP via a contact request through our website: or call 919.489.5355