50% Discount

50% off these great fitness classes!

Cardio Circuit
Get some valuable cardio mixed up with weight training and stretching. This is what your heart needs to stay healthy.

Mat Pilates
Strengthen your core and get in tune with your spinal alignment. You’ll feel stronger and stronger in each class.

Pilates/Strength Training
This class is a mix of Pilates and strength training. It’s a great way to start off the week.

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NEW: Pilates / Strength Training

We are super excited to be adding this great class to our Fitness Program. Students in our Thursday Pilates class expressed interest in another class during the week. Combining some strength training sealed the deal for everyone. So join us for what will surely be another super class with Melanie! First 10-class series begins Tuesday, May 17th with a class time of 10-10:55 AM.

New Classes – ZUMBA and MELT

10-class series, Mondays 6:00-7:00PM, series begins 9/14
10-class series, Saturdays 9:00-10:00AM, series begins 9/12
Zumba takes the “work” out of workout by mixing low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance-style class. Using the rhythms of Merengue, Salsa, Cumbia and Reggaeton with an effective workout system, you’ll have fun while getting a total workout. Learn more…

MELT Method As a System
4-class series, Thursdays 7:30-8:45PM, 9/10-10/1
In this class you will learn how to MELT yourself at home, following MELT Maps to help you sequence the moves to focus on your individual body needs. Learn more…

MELT Method Advanced Techniques
6-class series, Thursdays 7:30-8:45PM, 10/8-11/12
This 6-part series addresses at least the following topics: Upper Back, Low Back, IT Band, Hands & Feet and MELT Strength. Learn more…

Cardio Class is Invigorating!







After several weeks of the new WHS Cardio Circuit Class, we are all noticing how much we have improved in stamina and energy. Melanie Dean, our instructor and exercise physiologist, keeps it interesting and always puts a new twist on things! We have room for more people, so come join us. You’ll get your heart rate up and have fun at the same time.

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WHS Spring Classes and Events

New Classes
Cardio Circuit Class with Melanie Dean
This intimate class, limited to seven students, could be your beginning to a healthier heart. Learn more…

Gentle Yoga with Betsy Templeton
If you need a slow, gentle way to practice yoga, this class is for you. Learn more…

MELT Intro Workshop with Leigh Johnson
Simple self-treatments you can do at home to reduce pain and remain active and healthy. Learn more…

MELT by the Book with Leigh Johnson
Learn all the moves in The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann. Learn more…

Upcoming Events
Earth Day Plant Sale & Free Gardening Seminars
Heirloom plants, seminars on caring for gardens and houseplants, and beautiful garden art by Kathy Hopwood. Learn more…

New Trainer
WHS is happy to announce, Kathy Lawrence, our newest addition to the WHS Family. Learn more…

New Cardio Class

Cardio Circuit Class with Melanie Dean
8-class series, Tuesdays 12:00-12:50PM, begins 4/21


Research has proven that regular exercise is critically important for both our physical and mental well-being. We all need well-designed cardio activity. This intimate class, limited to seven students, could be your perfect beginning to a healthier heart. WHS instructor and Exercise Physiologist, Melanie Dean, has extensive experience designing and instructing cardiovascular training programs, so she can tailor your cardio routine for optimal results.

This circuit class may include the following stations: treadmill, elliptical trainer, Airdyne cycle, step station, recumbent bicycle and resistance training. Taking care of your heart is serious business, but if history is any judge, Melanie will keep you working hard and laughing at the same time.

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Bring Friends and Win

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Bring Friends and Win!
Take advantage of our latest promotion. You get points for bringing friends to class and even more points for bringing friends who register for any series of classes. You’re the winner if you have the most points!

You will win
A gift certificate for any WHS series of classes – Wellness or Fitness. Contest ends Dec 15 and your prize will be awarded Dec 18.

Scoring system
5 points for bringing a friend to class
10 points when a friend signs up for a class series

Wellness Classes:
Tai Chi / Qigong Fundamentals
Hatha Yoga
MELT Method

Fitness Classes:
Senior Fitness
Mat Pilates
Abs Plus

We look forward to tallying the results!

New Instructors, New Classes

Visit the respective pages for these classes to find out more!

The new year here at Wholistic Health Studio kicks off with an amazing lineup of new classes and special events. We’re also very pleased to have added several new instructors to our team – Anna Barker, Leigh Johnson and Sabine Mead.

Abs Plus with Melanie Dean
Flexibility/Balance with Melanie Dean
Melanie, our fitness instructor and exercise physiologist, will be teaching these two new ongoing classes. Both are a great addition to our already popular lineup of Senior Fitness and Pilates classes.

She will also conduct two workshops: one for cyclists and the other for runners. These two-day instructional sessions are designed to optimize performance and give you the knowledge to engage in your sport safely as you achieve your goals.

Leigh Johnson, Sabine Mead and Anna Barker

Leigh Johnson, Sabine Mead and Anna Barker






Pilates/Ballet Barre Fusion with Anna Barker
Using a synthesis of Pilates-based core work and ballet barre exercises, this class helps you develop strength and balance while encouraging uniform development of muscles.

MELT Method with Leigh Johnson
This class may transform the way you care for your body. Myofascial Energetic Length Technique is a simple, proactive, self-treatment method for the resolution of muscular and fascial tensions.

Continuum Movement with Sabine Mead
Continuum Movement uses breath, sound and movement sequences to awaken perception of fluid circulation throughout one’s body.

New Classes and Special Events

Lots of exciting things going on here this fall! We have special events and some great new classes.

Joey Howell, Lisa Neal, Deborah Bird and Stewart Walker playing at our recent Bhajans

Our “Join Us for Two Classes Free” promotion is well underway. It applies to lots of our classes, so visit the Special Combinations & Discounts page to see what you might want to try.

Tuesday Yoga
We’re very excited about our new Tuesday yoga class at 6PM that began two weeks ago. Instructor, Betsy Templeton, puts together targeted practices that are helping us all feel more centered, peaceful and strong.

Senior Fitness on Thursdays
Our Tuesday Senior Fitness class (11AM) is going so well that we’re adding – by popular demand –  a Thursday class at the same time. For a thorough workout, combined with lots of laughter, join us!!!

Daniel Chambo on flute and Viswas Chitnis on sitar

Don’t miss our first Indian Music Program this coming Friday!!! Join us as Daniel Chambo and Viswas Chitnis present their serene and exciting musical program.

Fall Lineup of Special Events
Indian Music Programs: 10/11 and 11/8 at 7PM
Meditation and Bhajans: 10/25 at 7PM
Read more details in the previous blog or visit the respective pages under the Special Events section of this website.


Red Carpet Rolling Out For Fall

Two Free Classes

We hope all of you are enjoying this relatively cool and wet summer. It’s been most amazing; do any of you remember anything like this? Our garden could have been growing lettuce this whole time if we had known about this temperature change. Preparation has already begun for the fall garden.

Similarly, we are now working hard for our fall schedule of new classes and services. Our website is undergoing a major reorganization; poster cards and brochures are being upgraded and printed. I must give great credit to the WHS staff – Marion Bolz and Sabrina West – whose tireless efforts and endless patience make all of this production possible. Both have had to tread into new skill sets with computers, e-blasts, design software and web page programming revisions. All of this is designed to help you to become aware of our fine instructors and their upcoming fitness and wellness classes.

Wholistic Health Studio rolls out the red carpet with two free classes for many of our new class series to encourage you to participate. Please pass this great news along to friends who might be interested. See you in class soon! Stewart Walker