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An Evening of Universal Chanting
w/Jon Seskevich
Saturday 7-9PM, 6/24

Let the power of sound, vibrations and love release you from your worldly concerns and physical discomforts. No singing, chanting, or musical ability needed!

Chanting, a form of repetitive song, is part of many cultural and spiritual traditions. This is a heart-opening yoga practice. In Universal Chanting we use chants from several traditions, finding that each contains a transformative power and healing energy.

JON SESKEVICH, RN, BSN, BA, CHTP, plays the harmonium and has extensive experience with leading devotional chanting in the community. For chanting, Jon draws inspiration originally from Ram Dass’ “From Bindu to Ojas” record album, Krishna Das, “Jai Uttal,” and Robert Gass. He has released 4 CDs, including his newest: “Chanting is Universal!”


WHS Spring Classes and Events

New Classes
Cardio Circuit Class with Melanie Dean
This intimate class, limited to seven students, could be your beginning to a healthier heart. Learn more…

Gentle Yoga with Betsy Templeton
If you need a slow, gentle way to practice yoga, this class is for you. Learn more…

MELT Intro Workshop with Leigh Johnson
Simple self-treatments you can do at home to reduce pain and remain active and healthy. Learn more…

MELT by the Book with Leigh Johnson
Learn all the moves in The MELT Method by Sue Hitzmann. Learn more…

Upcoming Events
Earth Day Plant Sale & Free Gardening Seminars
Heirloom plants, seminars on caring for gardens and houseplants, and beautiful garden art by Kathy Hopwood. Learn more…

New Trainer
WHS is happy to announce, Kathy Lawrence, our newest addition to the WHS Family. Learn more…

WHS is having a Plant Sale!!

Plant Sale and Free Gardening Seminars
April 18th, starting at 10:00 AM

WHS has some truly special plants that will be welcome additions to your home, including: Night-blooming Cereus, Einsteinian Begonia (direct lineage with Einstein’s favorite plant), Wandering Iris (Prophet Plant), Bromeliad (secretly pirated from Hawaii by SW), unusual varieties of garden plants,
and Aloe.

Kathy Hopwood’s beautiful garden art will be available. While you’re here, find out about caring for gardens and houseplants in our short Free Gardening Seminars.

Upcoming Indian Music Program

chambo chitnis johnson

Join us November 7th, 7:00PM as we welcome Daniel Chambo (bansuri), Viswas Chitnis (sitar) and Chris Johnson (tabla) back to conclude our WHS events series of the year. Our audiences continue to be inspired and amazed by this talented group of musicians.

After the program, please share in a simple meal of Indian cuisine and treats.

You need to Register through our website or call 919.489.5355 to be sure you get a seat. $10 per person.



Kickstart Your Health

Vegan Chef

Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health is an approach that emphasizes healthy foods for weight reduction.

Research from the American Dietetic Association recommends, “appropriately planned vegetarian diets, including total vegetarian or vegan diets, are healthful, nutritionally adequate, and may provide health benefits in the prevention and treatment of certain diseases.” A plant-based diet of whole grains, beans, vegetables, and fruits can help prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer, and many other adverse medical conditions.

Developed by Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), this class helps you to achieve weight reduction. Having a healthful life is the program’s goal. This approach emphasizes healthy foods that promote weight reduction. Additional benefits may include cholesterol reduction, better control of diabetes and reduction of blood pressure. You may also notice improvements in energy and mood.

Included in the class are nutrition lectures, discussions, demonstrations and food sampling. Dilip will conduct a conference call approximately 3 weeks after the class to discuss your progress and answer any of your questions.

Register for your: Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health class

DILIP BARMAN is one of approximately 200 certified Food for Life instructors in the country. He leads Triangle Vegetarian Society, where he hosts the country’s largest vegetarian Thanksgiving dinner (about 1000 people from many cities and states attend), and blogs about food. He gives food talks and demonstrations internationally and is the North American representative for the International Vegetarian Union.

Visit Dilip’s blog: dilipdinner.blogspot.com


New Classes and Events

WHS has a great new fall lineup of classes and events to promote individual and collective wellbeing. Here’s a preview:

New Classes
Tai Chi/Qigong Fundamentals with Dr. Jay Dunbar
Wednesdays 6-7:15PM, Series begins 9/24

MELT Method Upper Body with Leigh Johnson
Wednesdays 7:30-8:45PM, Series begins 9/17

Food for Life: Kickstart Your Health with Dilip Barman
Saturday 10AM-4PM, 10/18

Sugar Blues with Betsy Templeton
Thursday 7:30-8:45PM, 10/16

Healthy Transitions with Douglas Waldruff
Mondays 7-9PM, Dates TBD, 3-class series

American Heart Association CPR Training with Melanie Dean
Friends & Family, Monday Noon-2PM, 9/22
Basic Life Support, Monday 3-7:30PM, 9/22

Special Events
Fall Equinox Gathering   Saturday, September 20, 6:30-9PM
Come gather with us around the WHS firepit for our Equinox bonfire. A simple fire ceremony may help you to release the past and embrace the future. This will be followed by the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra, a powerful and ancient Sanskrit chant to honor the mother of all creation.

Potluck Plus Poetry   Saturday, October 17, 6:30PM
Join us for the first of a series pairing food and informal presentations. This event features a contest for best performed and original works of poetry ($25 prize for each).  

Indian Music   Friday, November 7, 7:00PM
This popular WHS event features meditative musical compositions, wonderful food and camaraderie. Musicians: Daniel Chambo (bansuri), Viswas Chitnis (sitar) and Chris Johnson (tabla).

WHS Again Presents Indian Music

Daniel Chambo (bansuri, Indian flute), Viswas Chitnis (sitar) and Chris Johnson (tabla) continue to astound audiences here at Wholistic Health Studio with their inspiring music. Over 40 people attended our February performance. Each program features ragas especially chosen to fit the season and time of day.

Classical Indian music is an ancient system where emotion, mathematics, and mysticism intertwine to provide the listener with potent opportunities for inner exploration. This music makes a unique and different impression on the heart and mind of every person, giving listeners and musicians the space to explore that impression. The feeling that emerges builds when musician, instrument, audience, tradition, and creativity all converge.

After the program, please share in a simple meal of Indian cuisine and treats.

You need to Register through our website or call 919.489.5355 to be sure you get a seat. $10 per person.

Meditation & Bhajans 3/28, 7PM

Join us the last Friday of this month as we come together in community to meditate, chant and share a simple Indian meal. In combination with meditation, Bhajans (chanting the holy names of God) can be a way to connect us to our inner stillness. This practice has its origins in the ancient hymns of the Vedas.

Musicians are Joey Howell, tabla; Lisa Neal, harmonium; Deborah Bird, cymbals; Stewart Walker, mridangam.

We welcome all, regardless of spiritual tradition or particular path in meditation.

Register here, email info@wholistichealthstudionc.com or call 919.489.5355 for more information.


WHS Presents a Program of Indian Music – November 8, 7PM

Daniel Chambo, Chris Johnson, Viswas Chitnis






Come join with us as we are inspired by the music of Daniel Chambo (classical Indian flute), Viswas Chitnis (sitar) and Chris Johnson (tabla). The recent performance here at Wholistic Health Studio was most impressive. The music invited deeper, meditative and invigorating states of mind. Altogether an amazing evening!

This program features a whole new set of ragas especially chosen to fit this season and time of day.

After the program, please share in a simple meal of Indian cuisine and treats.

You need to Register through our website or call 919.489.5355 to be sure you get a seat. $10 per person.